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Hi and welcome to my site Tricaster Live, were you can find out about hiring Newtek Tricaster and Talkshow equipment with a trained and certified operator to make your production run smoothly. I can provide Newtek Tricaster Hire, Newtek Talkshow Hire (based on Microsoft Skype TX), Newtek LiveText Hire, Satellite Uplink Hire and all the other equipment needed for Live Broadcast, Web Stream or Event. Or, if you already own your own equipment and you need a skilled operator, I’m available without equipment as a freelancer. Please see the relevant sections for more details.

I’m Phil Thomas, a UK based Tricaster Operator Owner, I have many years live production experience across Tricaster Operation, Outside Broadcast Engineering, Camera Operation and Web Streaming. I am a Newtek Certified Tricaster Operator, which means I have sat and passed a pretty tough and comprehensive exam on the Tricaster Pro-Line which includes operating the Tricaster 8000, 860, 460, 410 and Mini.

So when you hire a Tricaster with me, you aren’t just getting a piece of equipment, you know you are getting someone who knows the system inside out and can deliver its full potential, making your production a bigger success.

I’m based near Bristol so can easily service the West of England, Birmingham, Midlands, Manchester, Wales and London as well as further afield. See more about me on my other website

Take a look at each section and if you have any questions or want to talk through a project, drop me a line, all the details are in the contact section.

Tricaster Hire

Tricaster Hire in the UK with operator from as little as £595 + VAT per day.

A Newtek Tricaster is a super powerful tool and being a certified operator I know how to unleash the full power for your production. With full capabilities to provide the ability to vision mix live cameras, run Mix Effects, roll in VTs, add on graphics, record in broadcast quality and much more, this system can help enhance any production. For more info on how to incorporate Custom and animated Live Graphics in to your production click here.

My Tricaster hire kit includes as standard the following:

Newtek Tricaster 410 Advanced Edition – 16 Channel Switcher with 4 x HD-SDI inputs, 2 x DDRs, 4 x Network inputs NDI inputs, 2 x Graphics Banks, Animated Transition and more.
Also included are the Tricaster Control Surface, Custom Macro Trigger Panel and 2 x Full HD computer monitors for Tricaster Interface and Multiview

I can also provide a Tricaster 860 or 8000 with 8 x HD-SDI Inputs, please get in touch for a quote or check out what other equipment I can provide.

Newtek 3Play 440

Newtek 3 Play hire from £250 + VAT per day when added to a Tricaster Hire

Newtek 3 Play 440 is a four input, two output instant replay system. It allows instant replay from any of the 4 HD-SDI inputs to either of the 2 outputs. It can also be used to create playlists which can be used for highlights packages and much more. The 3Play can be used as a stand alone unit with any vision mixer using its HD-SDI outputs or seamlessly integrate with the a Tricaster by sending its outputs to the Tricaster over the network, keeping the Tricaaster's HD-SDI inputs free for camera sources.

If you want both myself a Tricaster with myself as the operator and 3Play for instant replays, I can organise a 3 Play operator to be included in the package.

Live Graphics with Tricaster and LiveText

Live graphics no longer needs a dedicated and super expensive CG package, the Tricaster includes the ability to key on Graphics such as lower thirds and station bugs straight out of the box. It comes with templates but you can also make your own which can still be editable on the fly. However when your graphics requirements get a bit more complicated, you can take advantage of Newtek’s LiveText 2 Software. This software runs on a separate laptop and interfaces with the Tricaster via Network Inputs, leaving all your HD-SDI inputs free for cameras. This allows a dedicated graphics operator to be able to fully facilitate live auto-updating graphics. This can fit in to your production with me operating the graphics and keeping an eye over the Tricaster interface while your director of choice cuts the shots.

LiveText includes Datalink which allows the software to pull data from sources such as arena scoreboards and Microsoft Excel files among others. This allows your graphics to automatically update with the scoreboard features such as time, score and more. It also allows you to use the mathematical power of Excel to produce graphics which will auto-sort leader boards, show player statistics and much more.

LiveText 2 Hire with Datalink Laptop from £80 + VAT when added to a Tricaster Hire.

More Equipment - What else I can provide

I can also provide a multitude of other equipment to make your production a success from cameras to my Satellite Uplink, Cowlink HD 1. Anything you don’t see listed below doesn’t mean I don’t have it or can’t get it, so if you have specific requirements get in touch to discuss your project.

Facebook Live streaming is making a big noise in the live online video streaming world and I've got all the kit and expertise to facilitate a successful Facebook Live stream. Facebook live requires specialist codecs in the encoders to work properly and if you don't understand what that means, don't worry, I do and I've got them, so you can rest assured I will be able to get you Live on Facebook with minial hassel.

Want to Facebook Live but are unsure of internet connectivity at your venue, well this is your answer. Cowlink HD 1 is my IP Satellite Van and flexible production space which can incorporate the Tricaster, 3Play and LiveText as well as much more to provide a one stop shop for HD live production from anywhere. All the kit in Cowlink HD 1 is racked in flyaway packages so it's flexible in what you need and can either be run inside the van or be taken in to venues or elsewhere.


The best way to get in touch is by phone or e‐mail, my phone will always be off on set so it may go straight to answer phone, please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Alternatively get in touch through Twitter or Facebook.